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Superannuation is a tax structure that is set in place in order to assist Australians with saving for their retirement. Unless you are of retirement age, superannuation is rarely a top-of-mind consideration when it comes to managing your finances.

How we help

Relegated to a distant future, many people are more concerned about managing more immediate financial assets.  But given the long-term, holistic approach to finances that we take at GCA Financial, it is vital that your superannuation options are monitored and regularly reassessed to ensure you are on track to achieve your objectives, which we refer to as your journey to Financial Freedom. Superannuation advice from one of our experienced financial advisors may well uncover options you had previously not considered.

Our approach to reviewing your superannuation always begins with an overall assessment of your finances, your spending habits, individual goals, as well as your proximity to retirement. Among a plethora of superannuation funds and investment options, we carefully profile your appetite for risk and volatility in order to tailor an investment portfolio within your superannuation that is appropriate for your specific situation, age and investment experience.

There are several different types of superannuation funds available in Australia, including

  • Industry
  • Retail
  • Corporate
  • Public Sector
  • Self-Managed Super Fund (commonly known as SMSF)

We can talk you through your choices, and part of our role is to assist you in determining the type of fund that will be in your best interests and most appropriate for your needs and objectives.

Whichever fund you choose, it is our role at GCA Financial to help monitor the performance of your superannuation investment year by year and alert you when adjustments need to be made.  That also includes accommodating your changing life situations, which can include changes in your career, lifestyle or your family situation.  Our services also include constant monitoring of investment markets and external events that can impact the performance of your fund.  Changes to superannuation legislation are frequent in Australia, and you can rely upon us to keep you informed of how this might impact you.

It comes down to getting the fundamentals right, and carefully building
from there.

The Journey

Most of us can identify what is important to us. For many, it’s family, security, our career and the desire to be able to enjoy life without the hassles of financial problems. We want to be able to make sure that whatever presents itself throughout the ups and downs of life, our families and our finances are safe and secure.

Wealth Creation

Build a strategy for wealth creation based on the best, most current advice available.

Wealth Protection

Guard your existing assets and secure against the unexpected.

Financial Freedom

Enjoy the fruits of your hard work. This is the point where you have really achieved your own Financial Freedom!

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