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From the day you begin earning an income, you begin your Journey to Financial Freedom. It can look and feel however you want it to. What you wish to achieve, and what your benchmarks look like, are entirely up to you.

At GCA Financial, our role is to support you through the Journey and help you plan for each of its stages.

We take the time to get to know you, to find out what money really means to you and what motivates you to grow your wealth. To build a strategy that works for your unique circumstance, we work with you on:

  • Setting Key Goals & Milestones
  • Cash Flow Management & Accountability
  • Building Your Wealth
  • Superannuation Accumulation

Working together, we can map out a clear path for you, set meaningful and achievable goals, and create positive outcomes for your financial future. It’s all about taking the first step and gaining the advice of an experienced financial advisor.


We all love the feeling of security - whether it's in our homes, jobs or health. It's our safety and happiness and that of those we hold dear, that means the most to us. While we can't prevent life's ups and downs, we can put in place strategies for when things don't go exactly to plan.

Wealth protection is all about offering peace of mind to know your family will be financially secure in any situation.

Your situation and wants are unique – and we will work with you to ensure your protection strategy reflects that.

To personalise your protection strategy we follow two simple steps:

  1. Firstly, we conduct an analysis of your needs (a “needs analysis”).
  2. Then, we work with you designing an appropriate and value-based Personal Protection Plan for you and, where appropriate, your family.

This will usually include a comprehensive Income Replacement strategy that will ensure financial security for you and those close to you, should your income slow or cease completely.

If you are in business, then a Business Protection Plan may also be relevant to your needs.

With personalised protection advice for your unique set of circumstances, GCA Financial can help build a plan to navigate those stormy seas and underpin your Journey to Financial Freedom.


The ability to make choices is what makes Financial Freedom so powerful. Working hard and taking measured decisions about your wealth creation is a truly rewarding feeling. So how do you choose what you should do with your investments, what is the best way to maintain and increase your financial position, and are there some specialist areas of advice you might like guidance on that could help build your wealth?

Certain milestones on your Journey provide great reflection points for the next steps to Financial Freedom. These can be significant events in your life or, as we prefer, an ongoing review process where, on a regular and frequent basis, we meet with you to monitor and assess your Journey.

At various stages along that Journey, we will help you with:

  • Reviewing and Monitoring your Portfolio
  • Superannuation and Retirement Planning
  • Protecting yourself, your family and/or your Business
  • Self-Managed Superannuation
  • Investment Gearing
  • Aged Care Advice
  • Estate Planning

We know that with our assistance and guidance, you will be able to navigate through all of your options, make better and more informed choices, for a brighter and more prosperous future.

What our clients say

“GCA Financial offer time. It is a rare service in today’s business world but GCA Financial are always willing to give you as the client an enormous amount of time and direction. We would happily refer them to people who are important to us due to their expertise, personal and professional service.”


“GCA Financial apply a very professional and personal approach to assisting in how we should best manage our finances over the long term and have made the journey a much smoother and less complicated process.”

Mike & Jeanie

“Our ultimate lifestyle goals have been achieved, due in large measure to GCA Financial advice on making good use of surplus earnings. Since retiring from full-time work in 1995, my wife and I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy a comfortable and healthy beachfront retirement lifestyle punctuated by overseas and local travel.”

Barry & Ruth

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