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A legend of his time

Tim McGee of TMRW Music, is a major Australian proponent of dance music. He contributed to the cultural dialogue as it happened and created a place in the Australian entertainment industry where other artists could grow, where he could remain creative, and where enthusiasts could appreciate an authenticity in club music.


The landscape

It's a laudable story of commitment, good humour, creativity, and no small dose of business acumen. A musical sensibility steered Tim toward DJ'ing as it did many young men in the late 80s. But unlike many of these young men, McGee would go much further than spinning tunes and promoting events with some international DJs.

Today Tim’s current focus stems across many businesses with a key focus on:

  1. Expansion of the TMRW Music brand as an offshoot of the original global brand Ministry of Sound
  2. Supporting, investing and mentoring startups
  3. Sourcing great new Australian artists
  4. Still finding time to do what he loves – manning the decks
  5. Growing his family

The Future

Why is it important for Tim to have a plan?

He still DJs, he still has residencies, he still produces, he still enjoys the hustle and bustle of business, he’s still the boss of TMRW Music, and he still laughs at his own schedules, so for Tim it’s important to plan for:

  1. Protecting his business, his future and the security of his family
  2. Planning for the constant evolution that is the music industry
  3. Creating a path to financial freedom

Having the option to adapt as life changes is important to Tim, after running a business for nearly two decades. We are proud to be on the Journey with Tim McGee and TMRW Music.

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