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A young Entrepreneur on a mission.

After exiting a Swiss Luxury Conglomerate at 21, Jock is back in Brisbane building innovative businesses within a collaborative ecosystem, where people from all walks of life use his co-working spaces (“Little Tokyo Two”) to collaborate, innovate and succeed, working on their own projects.

Jock sits on the boards of multiple companies, on the advisory board for such groups as the Aiia’s Queensland innovation SIG and is a judge for the majority of entrepreneurial, innovation and small business awards in Brisbane. Jock’s life goal is to reinvigorate the entrepreneurial spirit of Brisbane and to take a curated, passionate and talented community to support developing nations.


Jock's current focus.

Jock is a business dynamo, moving quickly through the stages of entrepreneurship.

His biggest focuses are:

  1. Building a business that is agile and constantly evolving
  2. Securing longevity and growth for his business
  3. Creating a place for Brisbane’s entrepreneurial community to grow



The Future

Why is it important for Jock to have a plan?

  1. Jock is a risk taker, as a young entreprenuer, but still sees the importance of regularly reviewing his strategy against the high benchmarks he sets.
  2. Jock also understands the importance of protecting all the hard work he is putting in now, ensuring the choices he makes can’t come unstuck if his circumstances were to change suddenly.

Planning is important to Jock because it allows him to do what he does best: reinvigorate the entrepreneurial spirit of Brisbane. He is an incredibly fast paced man in business and life and GCA Financial is proud to be on the Journey with Jock and Little Tokyo Two.

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