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The Journey

Most of us can identify what is important to us. For many, it’s family, security, our career and the desire be able to enjoy life without the hassles of financial problems. We want to be able to make sure that whatever presents itself throughout the ups and downs of life, our families and our finances are safe and secure.

Everybody wants to reach a stage where they are financially free to enjoy the lifestyle they choose – whatever that may be. At GCA Financial, we call this stage “Financial Freedom”. The path to achieving “Financial Freedom” is what we call “The Journey” – a unique path for each of our clients.

With over 40 years of service to Brisbane and the broader Australian community, we are proud at GCA Financial to be on the journey with our clients; to counsel, coach and mentor them, and help them create their own “Financial Freedom”.


Meet Tim

Business Owner

Tim McGee of TMRW Music, is a major Australian proponent of dance music who contributed to the cultural dialogue as it happened. He created a place in the Australian entertainment industry where other artists could grow, where he could remain creative, and where enthusiasts could appreciate an authenticity in club music.

Meet Rob & Matt

Business Partners

Cottee Parker is an architectural firm that combines intellect and creativity with a skillful, sensitive approach to design. Rob and Matthew represent two generations of business owners of the well-respected Firm that was founded by Rob Cottee and Geoffrey Parker in 1989. The business has successfully handled its ownership succession plan for inter-generational change with the addition of next generation partners: Matthew Caswell, Sandra Browne, Martin Timms, Kim Vojacek and Naveen Dath. Cottee Parker continue to use their experience, skills and knowledge to create designs for their clients and their communities, that stand the test of time.

Meet Nathan

Business Owner - Veterinary Surgeon

Nathan is the Practice Principal and an Equine Veterinarian. With a passion for Equine practice from the very early days, Nathan worked in the UK for some time before setting up his practice Westvets in Anstead where he has been based since 2002.

Meet The Team

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